What Happen To Your Body If You Sleep On Your Left Side

1. Give your heart a break


Do you know that getting the best sleep position for your heart is very important? Did you know that the healthiest position to sleep in can actually be a bad thing when it comes to your heart health? There are many people who are so used to sleeping on their side that they do not realize what they may be losing. It is important to get your body in a better sleeping position for your heart to get optimal health benefits. It has been proven that if you sleep on your stomach with your heart will beat at a faster speed, you will also gain weight and in the long run you will have a heart failure. So, what is the best sleep position for your heart? Well the best sleep position for your heart would be to sleep on your back. Now I know that some people might be against this because of their stomach being on their back. But if you sleep in the right way then it can actually be beneficial to your health. When you sleep on your back the muscle on your diaphragm will relax, this will allow blood to flow more freely to your heart and lower your blood pressure. This can help to improve your overall health. So is it possible to achieve a better sleep position for your heart? Of course it is. All you need to do is follow a few simple guidelines to help your body to sleep in the best possible way. The better sleep position for your heart is all about proper positioning of your body during the entire night.

heart failure sleep position

the best sleep position for  heart

By sleeping on your left side, you allow gravity to help your heart circulate blood more easily.

It sounds simple and basic, but by sleeping on your left side, you are letting gravity help blood flow through your heart.

Also  sleeping on the left side  help to take some pressure off the heart, as gravity can facilitate both lymph drainage toward and aortic circulation away from the heart. That said, it should be noted that there’s some debate over whether sleeping on right  or  the left side  is best for heart health.

2. Relieves back pain

sleep position for back pain

Who among us hasn’t woken up because they slept in an unfamiliar position, causing neck or back strain? If you sometimes wake up with pain, it helps to sleep on your left side.

First of all, sleeping on your left side can relieve tension in your spine. The more pressure you put on your back while you sleep, the harder your muscles have to work to keep everything in place. By going a little lower when you sleep on your left side, you improve blood circulation. This has a cascading effect that can reduce inflammation associated with tight muscles.