Best Sleeping Positions for Back Pain

There are many different positions you can sleep in for your lower back pain. Your sleep position will greatly impact on the comfort and healing time of your aching joints. If your sleep is disturbed by your bed, your body is much more likely to move during sleep which will lead to pain throughout the night. The best position to sleep in for back pain and neck and lower back pain is an active and unrestrained sleep position.

There are five natural positions you can sleep in while having a back ache. Your sleep position for back pain starts with the fetal position. In the fetal position, your legs are close together and your feet are touching the floor. If you are in a fetal position, you may not be able to pull your lower back towards your chest. This will result in pressure on your spine and may cause pain. To get relief from this type of sleep position for back pain, keep your feet at least two to three inches away from the floor.

Another common sleep position for back pain is the stomach. You may be tempted to roll onto your stomach but it is not a comfortable position for your back. You want to roll to the side or stomach if you feel pain from this position. If you are in a fetal position, roll onto your stomach slowly until your stomach is fully pushed out and you have room to move your body comfortably.

A third common sleep position for back pain is lying on your back with your knees up. In this position, your feet are outside of your body. Your head is rested on a pillow and you may tuck your chin toward your chest to sleep comfortably. To get a restful night of sleep with this position, select a pillow that is firm but gentle. You don’t want to use a hard pillow as this could increase pressure on your spine and cause more pain.

Make sure your pillow is made of a good quality material that allows for airflow. You should choose a pillow that is made from memory foam or latex. If you use a regular pillow, it will not allow for proper airflow. A good pillow also has plenty of give and will conform to your head and neck. This will reduce the pressure on your neck.

Foam mattresses are great because they provide an excellent sleeping surface. Because of their comfort, they help prevent pain and improve circulation. Air mattresses work best when placed on a firm mattress base. As long as the mattress base is firm, the air mattress can provide a sleeping surface that is comfortable and relieving of pressure points. These are three of the most common sleeping positions for back pain and each has its benefits.