How Sleeping Position Affects Your Health

We spend between 6-8 hours of sleep each night, which is natural that the posture we are in throughout the night can be a major influence on our well-being. What is the ideal position sleeping position to be in? And which ones should we attempt to stay clear of?

In Your Stomach

It’s true, this is not the best place to sleep in. In this position, all night long can result in discomfort and pain as your spine isn’t in a normal position which means that stress is put on muscles and joints. In a way, it’s more attractive sleeping on your stomach could cause breasts to stretch due to gravity’s pull, and it is not a good idea for wrinkles due to the pillow’s fabric resting against your face for the entire the night. The only benefit of lying on the stomach may help reduce the the amount of snoring you get!

on Your Side

A night spent lying on your side is generally a great posture for health. It maintains your spine in its healthy position , which is ideal for preventing back and neck discomfort, and help reduce acid reflux. This is the ideal position for women who are pregnant as it improves the flow of blood into the womb, specifically in the position you are lying on the left side. However, the aesthetic factors that were mentioned in the previous position also apply to this position as it doesn’t give your breasts or skin that is aging the world any favors!

The Fetal Position

If you sleep in a knee-up position throughout the night could be detrimental to your joints , particularly in the case of back pain or arthritis. It is not advised since it blocks deep breathing. This one too could cause breasts to turn toward the south and wrinkles appear more quickly than you’d prefer! This is a great position for future snorers, however.

on Your Back

This is the most comfortable position for people to rest in. It helps your neck, head and spine to remain within a more normal alignment which can help reduce muscle pains and joint pains. It also reduces acid reflux and aids in maintaining healthy breasts since their weight is properly supported. The risk of wrinkles isn’t as great when you’re in this position since your face doesn’t get sucked against your pillow for the entire night. However, those who have been a victim of snoring is likely to know that this is the position most likely position to result in the loud snoring and breathing!