Sleeping Positions and What They Say About Your Personality

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Is your preferred sleeping position a reflection of your personality? Continue reading to learn more.

Your answer will vary depending on who you ask.Myers BriggsType, astrological sign and Enneagram number will give you a deeper understanding of who you are. Ask a scientist about what your sleeping position tells you about yourself.Personality The short answer is no.

Just clearify, “sleep can affect every aspect of our functioning, both  psychological and physical,” says Terry Cralle, RN,  a sleep educator,  and advisor with the Better Sleep Council (BSC).She says that the better our sleep, the better we feel in all aspects. We are more motivated. We are more successful in relationships. We are better at communicating, performing tasks and managing stress. We are also less likely to be reckless and cause accidents. So sometimes , how we sleep can  impact our behavioral tendencies.”Truth is that we often change our sleeping positions between ten and thirty times per night. Many factors, such as how comfortable our mattress and how our partner sleeps, are completely external. Although some studies have shown that sleep positions are linked to personality types, the most popular analysis was done with 1,000 people in the UK. Cralle states that the science does not support the link between personality and sleep position. However, it is possible to find healthy positions.

We present the six most popular sleeping styles and the associated traits.

Sleep Position: The Freefaller

As a skydiver, you will lie down on your stomach and raise your hands above your pillow. According to research done by the BSC, this position is also called the prone position.

Personality traits:

Freefallers, according to some, don’t like criticism and are bold, outspoken, and brash.

Sleep positionThe Fetal Position

You will lie on your back, with your knees bent toward your chest. This position is similar to a baby. This is the most popular sleeping position in America (47 %)–) and it’s more common for women than men.

Personality traits

People who report that they sleep in the fetal position are sensitive at heart may be shy or introverted.

Sleep Position: The Fetal Position 

With both your arms extended in front, you lie on your back. This is a more common way to sleep than Gen Xers and millennials.

Personality traits

Open-minded, complex and cynical. Sources say that yearners are slow to make decisions, but can be determined once they have made their mind up.

Sleep Position: The Log

Place your arms straight down on your back. This sounds uncomfortable, but it is true: Only 6% of Americans say they sleep like a log.

Personality traits

People who are social and easy going will trust others. Log sleepers are more likely to believe they are healthy.

Sleep position The Soldier

The position is to lie flat on your back, with your arms at your sides. This is another less popular position. Only 11% of Americans prefer it. However, sleep lab studies have shown that most people start with their backs on the ground before moving onto other positions.

Personality traits

Reservist and quiet. Soldiers can hold themselves and others to high standards.

Sleep Position: The Starfish

With your arms extended, you will lie on your back and your pillows should be between your legs. The Starfish position is more popular among men than it is for women.

Personality traits

Starfish sleepers are selfless and generous, and always willing to help or listen.

Which is the Best Place to Sleep?

Remember that the descriptions above are only hints and interpretations. They do not give personality diagnoses. It is important to know what healthy sleep feels and looks like.

Cralle says that sleeping on side is considered a healthy position for most people, especially  for snorers, those with mild sleep apnea, and back pain and neck . You can reduce your snoring by sleeping on your stomach or side.

Cralle suggests that sleeping on your left side may reduce heartburn and acid reflux symptoms. It can also promote digestion and lymphatic drainage. The american pregnancy association also recommends a left side sleeping position especially for pregnant women. Here’s a tip. Use a supportive, but not too thick, pillow. A pillow between your knees, thighs and underneath your head can keep your spine, hips and pelvis aligned.

Which is the Worst Sleep Position?

Cralle warns that sleeping on your back could affect oxygen flow to the body. Cralle recommends placing a pillow between your knees and your back if you find sleeping on your back comfortable. This will help to support your spine, reduce back pain, and prevent pressure from causing it.

Cralle states that stomach sleeping is the most dangerous option, but there are exceptions. “Stomach sleeping reduces sleep apnea, snoring,  and other sleep disorders. It may also be an option for those with milder cases of these conditions. Cralle, who has seen a lot of stomach sleepers in his life, says that this position can cause unnecessary neck pain and strain. Being prone to sleep can make it difficult for you to maintain a neutral spinal position, which can be hard on your neck and back. If you have to, consider using a thin or no pillow.

It all comes down to your comfort level and whether you wake up feeling refreshed and rested. Ask yourself: Am I as comfortable as possible every night? Are my bed and pillows able to be moved around easily? Cralle states that sleep position is crucial, but it’s not rocket science.