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This is why you should not use a fan in the bedroom



A fan is able to move the same air throughout the room, which is why you’d expect that the quality of the air remains the same. However, this isn’t always the situation. The movement of air makes breathing much more comfortable. There are studies that suggest using a fan can help prevent sudden infant deaths by up to 72%. Additionally, unpleasant smells won’t be lingering within your space and is a good thing for those who have a gasp…







Asthma as well as dry eyes and allergies can be worse when you install an air conditioner within your room. It may offer you cool air but it also blows dust and pollen through the room. If you’re sleeping for eight hours, you’ll be exposed to dust and pollen for eight hours in addition. This isn’t a good thing for your health. Sleep expert Mark Reddick explained to Metro UK that this can be different depending on the individual: “For some people, having a floor or ceiling fan in the room will help them sleep and remain cool throughout the night. Some people, though, find it could cause them to be awake and cause asthma attacks, or cause dryness of your eye.” Do you feel prone to these symptoms? You might want to quit using the fan during the late at night.

Dry eyes

If you suffer from allergies it is possible that they will get worse because the fan can move the pet hair and dust in addition. It can cause your nose, eyes and throat to get irritations more rapidly. In addition, using it could mean that you awake in the morning with eyes that are dry. The continuous airflow that is present inside your home could result in you waking up feeling dehydrated. This is the reason you must set your fan to the lowest setting and don’t allow it to blow directly into your face.