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This is why you should not use a fan in the bedroom

Many people have the room cool with a fan during this scorching summer heat.
The ideal temperature to rest in is between 16-18 degrees Celsius. If the temperature outside doesn’t drop below 20°C, it will be quite challenging to cool your home. To keep cool air in your bedroom, some homeowners install a fan. This isn’t what you should not perform…

A sleep expert says that it’s not the best solution to use a fan.

Cooling down

It’s not everyone’s cup of tea to endure the constant hum of fans, but the majority of individuals are so used, they’ll sleep through the noise. This is why many prefer to have a fan in their bedroom. Cool air can make sleeping much easier. A sleep specialist has said there is no ideal option, however.


Certain people like warmer temperatures, but others aren’t able to work as efficiently when it’s hot. We try to cool down however we can however once our home is warm it’s difficult to make it cool. You can purchase an air conditioning system however they are very expensive. This is why many prefer to using a blower to experience a small amount of a cool breeze while they’re trying to rest. However, if this is the most effective method an expert in sleep doubts the idea.

White sound

A lot of people sleep with fans on. This is not just to get rid of the warm air that is in their room, but as a result of the white noise playing in the background. The continuous noise will ensure you a restful night’s sleep since you won’t wake at the sound of people flushing the toilet or the sounds of outside. In addition, the constant white noise can have a relaxing effect, which will help that you sleep quickly and deeply. Tinnitus sufferers, the medical term for hearing ringing, can get a lot of benefit of white noise.

While a fan might be beneficial however, sleeping with a ventilator on is not the best choice. Learn more about the reasons why in the following paragraph.